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課 程 特 色
  • 透過肢體律動學習各種音樂元素
  • 唱遊,講故事,嘗試不同敲擊樂以擴闊音樂視野
  • 參與不同音樂律動遊戲主題,例如想像自己是個鞦韆、滑梯或不同動物等,以啟發兒童創意思維,創作自己的動作
  • 提供足夠空間作任何肢體伸展活動
About the Class
  • Learning music through body movements
  • Singing and story telling and playing percussion instruments
  • Different music games to encourage creative thinking
  • Sufficient space for body movements and games …
"孩子會用嗓子,用身體,用想像力製造音樂,從歌唱、拍手、跳舞、唸童謠中,享受音樂 世界中的各種喜悅。只需要給他們一個引子,他們不但會自己進入其中,而且還會把歡樂也帶給爸爸媽媽。"

How vital is Music & Movement? 音樂律動有多重要?

Here are the comments from some reference materials about Music and Movement:

"The study of music must be done through the body, since of the three fundamental elements of music – melody, rhythm and dynamic energy – the last two are entirely a function of movement and find their ideal example in the muscular system … Pupils are asked to create and make up things for themselves, anything from a simple rhythm to something more complex like a movement piece expressing a variety of musical events. They also learn to communicate their ideas clearly to others in the group."
Individual Music Lessons -- 個別樂器課程
"很多小朋友都答不到為什麼來學音樂,他們不是為了欣賞一種藝術而學習, 只是操練手指彈到指定的音符。" -- 信報文化版 (26.04.2005)
音樂是一種世界通行的語言,透過學習樂器,可以讓學生學會懂得欣賞音樂,什致對身心其他方面的發展 也有所幫助。本行不但注重演奏/彈奏技巧,亦重視培養學生對音樂之興趣和欣賞。通過說說音樂家的故事, 聽聽不同類型、時代的音樂,試試不同樂器如手鈴、鋼片琴等, 讓學生可在輕鬆的環境下好好學習。 Music is a common language in the world. Through practicing musical instruments, pupils can learn how to appreciate music. It is also good for mental and physical development. We are not only focusing on performance techniques, but also focusing on cultivating pupils' interest in music. Through sharing of musicians' stories, listening to music with different styles, different periods, trying of different instruments such as hand bells, glockenspiel, etc., pupils can learn instruments in a relax environment.
* We also offer Music Theory course, and provide accompaniment service for students who practicing other instruments. 另教授樂理,並為學習其他樂器之學生提供伴奏服務。