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     Phonics Funland –閱讀拼音
Reading & Spelling (K3)
英詩朗誦 (P.1+)
課 程 特 色
  • "唱歌學Jolly Phonics"、"Letter Land"及Auntie Ceci編寫的故事;
  • 上課空間二百餘呎,真正做到從遊戲中學習英文的基本句子結構、詞彙及拼音技巧;
  • 內容極豐富,有啟發性,使學童學得投入,增強對英語的興趣。
  • 學懂拼音,對閱讀及默書幫助極大。
About the Class

Children learn the sounds of letters, improve their intonation and accent in an enjoyment environment. The course also includes action rhymes, songs and games. The syllabus is based on:
1) Letter Land;
2) Jolly Phonics
3) Story Boards written by Auntie Ceci.
The stories have been proved to be very effective in teaching children who do not grow up in an English-speaking environment.

E.Nopi Math 4 - 15yrs
2.3 Million Students in Korea
4.2 Million Students Worldwide in 13 countries
全球已有學生超過四百二十萬, 提升數學潛能、啟發邏輯思維
- Based on standards & principles of NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
-Train children's analytical & problem solving skills
-More than 2,400,000 students worldwide
Basic Thinking Math
Application of Arithmetic
Critical Math
Path & Relationships
Depth Perception
Problem Solving
8 Problem Solving Skills
1. Deduction
2. Reverse Calculation
3. Pattern Recognition
4. Alternative Methods
5. Trial & Error
6. Tree Diagrams
7. Data Analysis
8. Drawing Diagrams

It is important to motivate children to observe and express their ideas through art. It is an effective program to nurture children's artistic mind and enhance their creativity and imagination.

Fee $550.00/4's
* 另有小學程度英語班及個別教授課程
* We also offer Primary level English Class and Individual English tuition.